Stacked Stone Wall

Stacked Stone Wall

Having a stack stoned wall at home has been a rich history from years. These are built of local stone, which reflects the historical architecture and rick heritage. Dry stone walls are used in construction buildings, highways, rail roads, etc. Few dry stacked stone walls are also used as fences. For getting a stacked stone wall in Baltimore, you can contact us, and we will be there at your service to build it.

It is very important that dry stacked stone walls get installed properly. Few things that should be kept in mind while construction of stacked stone walls is:

  1. There should be a proper back fill while constructing the wall.
  2. A proper batter or the degree should be taken into consideration while constructing the stone walls.
  3. It becomes an important factor that what a dry stacked wall consists of as the base preparation is very important.
  4. A sound sub/base should be installed before the construction of the sacked wall.

How do I calculate the quantity I need?

In order to calculate the quantity you need, each area you are planning to cover with GloRem stacked stone wall products should be measured. For covering up the wastage or error, you have to add an additional 10%. If your project involves external corners, all outside corners height should be measured accurately. It is always advisable to make sure that you are placing the right blend of corner units and flat panels that meets the exact needs of your project.

How are Stacked Stone products laid on a wall?

When you use GloRem stone panels, you have to be aware of some important aspects. It is always advisable to seek professional help to install the products. A brick bond pattern needs to be employed to fix the stone products in a continuous way. Our installers always make sure that the vertical seams are not arranged in a line from one course to the other. We don’t resort to any stack bond fixing method. The best method of approach to interlock corners is to begin the process from the corners and then, working your way out. The important thing to realize is that corners are made available as a set and you should never make an attempt to interchange one with another corner.

What adhesive does Stacked Stone recommend for fixing?

As a trusted and reputed stacked stone manufacturer, GloRem advises our customers to use a polymer modified tile thin-set. You have to ensure that it complies or surpasses the best standards in the industry. The most accepted norms are ANSI 118.11 and ANSI 118.4 adhesion standards. Prior to deciding on the right adhesive product, you should evaluate the weight of the natural stone cladding carefully.

How are Stacked Stone products cut?

A tile wet saw needs to be utilized for cutting stacked stone products in the most effective way. The saw should be equipped with a continuous diamond rimmed blade. If you find any difficulty in cutting a stone veneer curve with the help of a tile saw, you can make use of a hand held angle grinder.

Are Stacked Stone products easy to install?

If you seek the help of experienced handymen, installing GloRem stacked stone wall products; you don’t need to worry about any unnecessary issues. It is always advisable to choose handymen who are familiar and experienced in tiling. Our products are extremely easy to install and they provide a captivating look as well. When you plan to choose a professional, you need to make sure that you are hiring a licensed professional.


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