LVP Flooring Installation

LVP flooring is very much in trend nowadays and gives a new look to your floors. Luxury Vinyl Flooring is the toughest flooring and very easy to install. Every time you think about getting your flooring changed, LVP flooring should be on the top of your list. We are the most trusted dealers of LVP flooring installation in Baltimore. If the floor surface is rough and uneven, the vinyl floor shows spots and is placed unevenly. Thus, you need to ensure that the surface on which LVP flooring needs to be done should be smooth enough.

Some Features of LVP Flooring:

  • We use interlocking LVP of size 5 mm to 6.5 mm, which is durable and flexible.
  • We offer various types of LVP including ridged core, pvc laminate and actual vinyl planks.
  • It lasts for years, which is why you don’t need to change it often.
  • LVP consists of ceramic tiles, wooden tiles and many other styles.
  • You can install LVP flooring on a smooth surface very easily.
  • The thickness of vinyl flooring is 5/32 inches.