LVP Flooring Installation

LVP flooring is very much in trend nowadays and gives a new look to your hardwood floors County Md. Luxury Vinyl Flooring is the toughest flooring and very easy to install. Every time you think about getting your flooring changed, LVP Flooring Installation in Fulton Md should be on the top of your list. We are the most trusted dealers of LVP flooring installation in Baltimore and Howard County. If the floor surface is rough and uneven, the vinyl floor shows spots and is placed unevenly. Thus, you need to ensure that the surface on which LVP flooring needs to be done should be smooth enough.

Some Features of LVP Flooring:

  • We use interlocking LVP of size 5 mm to 6.5 mm, which is durable and flexible.Installing Hardwood Floors Howard County Md
  • We offer various types of LVP including ridged core, pvc laminate and actual vinyl planks.
  • It lasts for years, which is why you don’t need to change it often.
  • LVP consists of ceramic tiles, wooden tiles and many other styles.
  • You can install LVP flooring on a smooth surface very easily.
  • The thickness of vinyl flooring is 5/32 inches.

Will my dog’s nails scratch vinyl flooring?

No. Our luxury vinyl flooring solutions make the perfect choice for dogs because they are scratch resistant. You don’t need to worry about any scratches because the claws of dogs don’t get stuck on our vinyl floors. Our products are equipped with a wear layer which makes them optimally scratch resistant. They provide decent amount of softness to make your dog feel comfortable while walking on the floor. As the dog’s claws touch the floor each step, there is no sound as well.

Can I put heavy appliances down directly on my vinyl floors?

Yes. You are allowed to place heavy appliances directly on our vinyl floors. If you have heavy furniture, it is always advisable to utilize felt furniture pads under legs to prevent the remote possibility of scratching. You are not advised to use rubber because it can create stain on your floor. Large surface floor protectors that come with non-staining features are the best option for using heavy appliances and furniture on vinyl flooring. We use high quality interlocking LVP to provide excellent durability and flexibility for our flooring solutions.

Can I put vinyl flooring in my basement?

Our luxury vinyl flooring not only provides a wonderful look, but also come with excellent waterproof benefits. You can use our flooring in basements without worrying about any damage. Waterproof flooring can be used on all areas which are highly vulnerable to moisture. You can eve use them over uneven subfloors. It is always advisable to add a vapor barrier underneath when you are planning to install vinyl flooring on your basement concrete.

Can you install vinyl flooring outdoors?

You can use our highly durable and flexible vinyl flooring outdoors. Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the toughest flooring materials available on the market with admirable waterproof features. One of the limitations is that overexposure to UV rays may result in color fading. When this type of floor gets exposed to harsh weather for a long period of time, you may come across some damage on the surface. Several manufacturers don’t recommend the use of vinyl flooring on outdoor areas due to these two aspects.

Will vinyl flooring expand?

Some vinyl flooring products expand and contract when you expose them to severe conditions. You don’t need to worry about this aspect when you make use of our vinyl flooring solutions. It is always advisable to leave a small expansion gap around the perimeter to put up a better performance during severe conditions. When you follow this method, the possibility of expansion stays at minimal levels. Our products are not going to expand even when get exposed to flooding.

How much does vinyl flooring cost?

Vinyl flooring is available in three different types and they include tiles, sheets, planks and WPC. These products may come with different features such as waterproof core vinyl, rigid core, and peel & stick installation and so on. The price can be determined based on the features available on each type. The cost for vinyl tiles may vary between $ 3 and $ 5.9 per square feet depending on the quality of materials used. The average prices for WPC, plank and sheets installation are $ 3.9, $ 2.9 and $ 1.7 respectively.


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