Basement Wet Bar

Wet Bars for Basement

A basement wet bar is generally used for mixing alcoholic beverages. It also includes a sink with running water. The sink allows the person to clean the glasses immediately. We are known to be the best dealers for the installation cost of a basement wet bar in Howard County and Baltimore. Wet bars are usually found in the homes for entertainment. These are usually found in the Wet Bars for basement and are very simple to build. A refrigerator is also important to place in the bar, which can keep the drinks chilled every time.

Some common trends ongoing for the basement wet bar are as follows:

  • Addition of under counter appliances such as microwave and oven.
  • You can store the wine in the form of racks in the basement. This along with saving the space will add some uniqueness to your basement wet bar.
  • Go for simple yet elegant designs.
  • Opt for open shelves design.
  • Keep the pattern of tiles bold and colorful.

How much does it cost to put in a wet bar?

Several factors make an impact on the cost of installing a basement wet bar. You have to consider the quality of the materials, items you are planning to include, location of the wet bar and the alterations to be made. The expenses involved with installing a wet bar can be as little as $2000 and they may go up to $ 12000 when you make use of luxury items. The price of some of the high end wet bars can go up to $30000.

Does a wet bar add value to a home?

A well designed basement wet bar adds value to your home tremendously. Our wet bars help you create luxury spaces with several practical purposes. You might have seen these types of spaces in hotel guest rooms frequently. Several homeowners have started installing wet bars in their homes for recreational and entertainment purposes. Although you can choose a convenient space for wet bar installation, most people prefer installing them on basements.

What are the common items to added to a wet bar?

Small bars contain only a sink with running water. Other items that can be added to make your wet bar functional appealing are cabinets, countertops, small fridge and sink with faucet. Some people also add some appealing flooring around the wet bar to make the space look inviting.

How long should a home bar be?

You need to decide on length based on your unique requirements. Typically speaking, you have to allocate at least 2 feet of length for every seat you are planning to add. If you want to build a basement wet bar with four seats, you have to keep the bar 8 feet long. The extra space you create helps people move around the bar easily. You should have enough space to move items in and out quite freely. This method of approach helps you avoid blocking doorways.

What is the difference between w wet bar and dry bar?

Many people are searching to find an answer to this question while they are planning to buy a home bar. Both home wet and dry bar are designed to create space for preparing beverages for guests in an easy and efficient way with clear focus on recreation or entertainment. The basic difference between is that a wet bar comes with a sink where you can rinse glasses easily. You cannot associate a sink with a dry bar design.


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